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Our Carriers

Our baby carriers are made from 100% cotton and very soft against babies skin and easily cleaned in the washing machine.

We are passionate about the HUGE benefits there are when babies are carried from birth. It's like having a long, safe cuddle with your baby, but with the added bonus that you have your hands free to help you get on with your day. The effect on baby can be amazing; a well fed and clean but still unsettled baby will often become quite calm when placed comfortably in their Sa-Be baby carrier. This allows them the time to focus and learn to use their senses to explore their surroundings. Most importantly, whilst being carried in one of our wrap style baby carriers, they are learning to bond closely with their loved one.

Our carriers are designed to be worn over both shoulders, evenly distributing the babies weight over your frame and down onto your hips, with no pressure on your trapezius muscle (which spans the neck, shoulders and back).

The carrier is a 5 meter long wrap, which like other wraps of this type, can be worn many different ways.
We only recomend 3 ways to wear your baby in this wrap. We feel that these 3 ways are the best position for baby and the wearer, for safety, comfort, posture and ease of use. These are very quick and simple to learn and great for beginners to baby wearing.
The unique tubular design of the Sa-Be is narrower than other single layer wraps, you wont be swaddled in gathered up fabric as the fabric is spread wide to almost its full (stretched) width when spreading back of knee to back of knee (when carrying larger babies and toddlers) you are distributing the weight very evenly. As it is narrower it can be kept flat & wide when wrapping to ensure no twists are in the fabric for ultimate comfort and weight distribution around your whole centre of gravity and down onto your hips. The thickness of the tubular fabric stops the fabric from gathering up and nipping too.

There is a simple video here here.
Please refer to the tying instructions that come with your carrier.

Here are a few images showing how easy it is to wrap a newborn in a safe comfortable position.

Our carriers will cover a bigger age range than super stretchy wraps as the design of the carrier and the weight and knit of the fabric wont sag or bounce when carrying heavier toddlers. Its not the stretch which is holding baby secure but the way the fabric moves around your body locking them in as the band is pulled up and the baby sits down into the sling.

They are very convenient. Just tie the carrier on before you go out in the car, move the knot to the side slightly (so you dont have a knot digging into your back while you are sitting in the car), and when you reach your destination you'll be able to pop your baby in and out as many times as you like without having to tie and untie the carrier.

Whilst the carrier is tied to you without the baby in, our funky range of fabrics will make a fashion statement whilst also providing the perfect breastfeeding cover-up. They are also cheap enough and small enough to keep one a spare one in the car, you never know when you might need one. It is much better than having a pushchair take up useful boot space!

Why are our carriers so reasonably priced?

Our carriers may be cheap, but we dont compromise on quality.

The majority of baby slings/carriers on the market these days are over £30 each and not everybody can afford to pay those prices.
We believe that ALL mothers should be able to experience the benefits of carrying their baby around in a sling/carrier, so ours are very reasonably priced.

We have managed to cut down the manufacturing cost by making the carriers in a very simple design. It is slimmer than other wraps, the perfect size for the 3 recomended positions. There is only one size, which will fit most people.
There are no fancy pockets, no straps or buckles. It would have been easy to put a pocket into the design of the carrier, though we decided against it as the main idea behind producing these carriers was to make them as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of the product, also the pockets could prove dangerous and uncomfortable for baby as some people would use the pocket to carry mobile phones & keys!

At first we made a bag to keep the carriers in but after asking our customers what they thought of the product , we found they didn't really use the bag to keep the carrier in, So we decided to sell them without a bag to reduce the cost further.
Though matching bags will soon be available for sale at a small cost for those who prefer to have a bag.

We came up with a great way of folding the carrier so it is neat and tidy and looks just like a small pillow when not in use! (This measures only 10in x 14in when folded up!)
The folding instructions are printed in the instruction booklet.

In warm weather, the sling fabric that is covering the baby can be "gathered" up to allow more air to circulate around the baby. Make sure the "X" formed by the shoulder straps are still supporting the baby well. These straps must still support babies bum hips and thighs from back of knee to back of knee to form a seat. With babies knees higher than their bum.
Also, in colder weather, the fabric can be spread out to cover the baby more.

We have a facebook business page for our carriers here.