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The benefits of carrying

What are the benefits of wearing your baby in a Sa-Be Baby Wear Carrier?

First of all, there's that lovely feeling of carrying your baby close to you, feeling them settled and contented as you go about your daily routine; be it shopping, housework or caring for your older children. Your baby will be part of your daily life from day one, and will benefit hugely from this. Having spent 9 months in the security of the womb, feeling the constant movement and warmth, they can now feel secure and relaxed in a similar environment, feeling familiar movements and hearing the wearer's heart beating. They are exactly where they feel the most safe and secure, and can enjoy looking at the world around them in an upright position. Instead of being over stimulated by the activities around them, they spend more time in the quiet alert state of mind, an ideal state of mind in which to learn.

As well as these emotional benefits, there are huge physical benefits as well. Our carrier is extremely comfortable for both the wearer and the baby. There are no pressure points on your baby's spine or hips like there are on some of the other styles of baby carrier available on the market today. For the younger baby, our recommended front facing in carrying position ensures that your baby is held in the optimum position for the crucial spinal development of the early months. Using this position ensures that your baby's spine is not put in a weight-bearing position too early, as the legs are tucked up inside the carrier instead of dangling down, distributing the weight over hips and legs instead of putting all the weight on the crotch. When your baby is older you may choose to leave the baby's legs out of the carrier, but this position is still infinitely more beneficial for your baby than the uncomfortable parachute harness position of some of the other carriers available today, as the baby's knees will be held level with their crotch instead of dangling straight down. This is the same position used to treat hip dysplasia in young children, as it is the best for hip development and alignment.

The design of our carrier is very comfortable for you, the wearer, as your baby's weight is distributed evenly over your entire back, shoulders and hips. The baby is carried high at your centre of gravity, which is good for your posture too. It doesnt feel lopsided and you dont twist your back to compensate for the extra weight you are carrying.

Sa-Be carriers are a long tube of jersey cotton. There is more support in this design and therefore it is much more unlikely to go baggy and need to be re-tied. They are also not as wide as other wraps which means that you dont feel as if you are swaddled in fabric. 

They are very convenient. Just tie the carrier on before you go out in the car, move the knot to the side slightly (so you dont have a knot digging into your back while you are sitting in the car), and when you reach your destination you'll be able to pop your baby in and out as many times as you like without having to tie and untie the carrier. 

Whilst the carrier is tied to you without the baby in, our funky range of fabrics will make a fashion statement whilst also providing the perfect breastfeeding cover-up. They are also cheap enough and small enough to keep one a spare one in the car, you never know when you might need one. It is much better than having a pushchair take up useful boot space!

When carrying the baby in the front carry, there is room to carry a backpack on your back for your baby essentials and shopping. Please note that it is wise to keep your hands free when carrying your baby, as your arms help you to balance when walking.)

It is perfect for those small trips to the shops as it is much easier than trying to push a pram/pushchair through small, tight shopping aisles. 

If your baby falls asleep, either shoulder strap can be pulled free a little to make space to tuck babies head in.

    • Carried babies are less prone to Flat Head Syndrome (caused when babies spend long periods of time on their backs). Carrying a baby takes the pressure off their head. Soft carriers in particular are great for babies head shaping
    • The baby is carried up high, away from exhaust fumes etc.
    • You will naturally interact with your baby much more when you are carrying them than if they were sitting in a pushchair.
    • Carried babies cry less, they feel happy, secure and loved.
    • It is a great bonding opportunity for both baby and wearer.
    • Carried babies are less likely to suffer from wind, and the upright position & constant movement can help to ease acid reflux and colic.
    • They are able to see more. This is much better for learning as they are up high and see what you see.
    • Carried babies are happier all round, as carrying your baby in a baby carrier reduces her level of stress hormones
    • Carried babies are less likely to be over stimulated by the world around them and more likely to be in their quiet alert state which is optimum for learning.                        
    • Carried babies are often calmer, as when you are close to your baby and can quickly respond to all of his needs, there is no reason to cry.